What’s Happenin’, Cap?

Another crazy week has come and gone.

How was it for you? Did you do anything fun and exciting? Did you just lower your head and charge through to get to the end? Is your week just starting? I want to know, sound off below with how it has been for you.

For “what is cap playing” this weekend, I think the biggest focus will be World of Warships. I am hooked and am slowly making my way through the American Battleship line, although I am dabbling in cruisers here and there. If you play, I started a clan called Knights of Conclave. Anyone is welcome of any skill level (and if you haven’t started yet, let me know and I can get you a code for some free stuff).

Nothing really major going on this weekend. Next week, Xbox will be doing its game showcase which I’ll be interested in seeing. The plan is to also stream a bit more then I did this week, hopefully real life will allow it this time.

(By the by, you can find me on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/captain_aegis)

Anyway, sound off below for what you are playing this weekend!

Published by Captain Aegis

Cap has been a gamer since before he could remember (maybe even longer...time travel can be weird). He has a love for MMORPGs, JRPGs, RTS...pretty much anything that is not a sports title. When he isn't gaming, he loves reading, movie Marathons, and anything Disney.

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