Well, hello there.

Sorry I’ve been radio silent, I think like everywhere, life has been a bit crazy. I’ve been very focused on sending my resume in anywhere that is hiring remotely, but haven’t had much success at all. I know lots of people are looking for work right now, so if you are in this boat, you aren’t alone and I am rooting for you.

Gaming wise, I’ve mostly been invested in World of Warships still, although my “main” MMO has been Albion Online. Something about a giant sandbox to get lost in right now is super appealing, even if I would prefer a “over the shoulder” camera like a more modern day MMO. Still, the content is good…and I think the only game with better sandbox content is also known to be “spreadsheets in space”.

All in all, I’m doing alright. I hope that as summer fades to fall things may start approaching normal. Of course, being a Floridian, that also means getting through hurricane season which is fixing to be in its prime.

I hope to stream on a more consistent schedule soon, and start our Extra-Life fundraising, with a goal of $1,000 this year (if you are a content creator that would be interesting in working together, please let me know and I’d be happy to chat).

Thanks again for keeping up with my little space. I’m looking forward to whatever new adventures may be happening.

Published by Captain Aegis

Cap has been a gamer since before he could remember (maybe even longer...time travel can be weird). He has a love for MMORPGs, JRPGs, RTS...pretty much anything that is not a sports title. When he isn't gaming, he loves reading, movie Marathons, and anything Disney.

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