New World: Preview


I know I haven’t written in a bit…the real world seems to keep me pretty busy these days, but I have been around and working on some things behind the scenes.

I hope you’ve been well though! Have you done anything exciting? Unlocked anything cool in a game/finished an achievement? Sound off below in the comments and tell me!

After watching several larger streamers play the preview for New World, I decided to break my typical rule on preordering and preorder the game from Steam, getting me into the event. So far, I’ve put around four hours into the game, and my initial thoughts are as follows:

Well, damn.

From everything I was hearing, I was expecting a super bland experience with a game “destined to fail at launch” and yet what I found was surprisingly…fun.

First, I think the games biggest weakness (aside from lacking PvE content) is it’s combat…but I think part of that problem is because there are so few weapons you can select. The game is a lot like Black Desert or TERA where combat is active, and you get three “skills” you can use much like a moba…but you also are able to use three different weapons at the same time. So far, the selection is a few one handed weapons, two handed weapons, a bow and two magic staffs…but the feel of the combat is actually pretty hearty.

This game is being developed by an Amazon studio so obviously they should have some great servers…and I can attest that during my whole time playing there was maybe one or two times I noticed lag…but for the type of combat, that isn’t bad I don’t think.

The crafting system is pretty interesting. It actually works a lot like survival games where you can kind of gather everything (it reminds me a lot of Conan Exiles or ARK) and crafting/resource management is looking like it’s going to be super important. I know originally there was a tagline that you could play as a straight crafter and never do combat…although I don’t know if that’s true anymore.

I haven’t even begun to touch on the whole “political” nature of the game…where groups can take pieces of land, build them up with resources, charge taxes and all sorts of things. I don’t think I can remember an MMO in recent times where there was so much control given to a player group like that, although I did have a small chuckle finding out that my “landlords” in the area I’m in currently are known as the “Ezgirls”.

All in all, I think the important thing is this game has a good foundation to it; the bones are pretty solid, the engine seems to work well, and I think the game is beautiful. There is a scene when you start playing where you go up a hill and when you crest it, the map opens up with the sun shining and just…I have to say, it really kind of took my breath away.

I’m going to be watching this one closely, but I think if Amazon truly uses these nine or so extra months to add the content it will need…I think they may be on to something.

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