It’s been a while

Man, what a last coupl–

*Checks when the last time he posted was*


Okay, where were we? It’s been more then a little while since I last posted here. I’ve gone through one job (that turned horrible) and started another (that looks far more promising). I have greatly increased my backlog, played hard core a couple MMOs and then left them, and even picked up a new console (two actually, but I sold the PS5) and become a bit of a console person.

However, now that life has settled in. I think I am back. I pay for this site, I should use this site. What you are going to see is more regular written content…but maybe some other multimedia stuff as well. I really want to try my hand at podcasting, or vblogging, so we will see if any of that comes to pass.

But really, I just wanted to say hello again, I’ve missed you, and Cap is back.

Buckle up friends. It’s going to be quite the ride.


What’s Happenin’, Cap?

I think I am going to start this as a series for the weekend, listing what’s going on/what I might be playing, as well as call attention to anything special going on in the gaming/hobby like world.

This weekend should be a pretty chill weekend for me, although I do plan on watching the Ubisoft conference happening on Sunday. I’m cautiously optimistic for Watch Dog: Legions, and if Assassins Creed: Valhalla is as good as Odyssey I think we will be in for a treat.

Games I am currently playing:

  1. Planet Zoo
  2. Destiny 2
  3. Space Haven (super fun indie I found during the Steam sale)

What are your plans this weekend? What will you be playing? Sound off in the comments below, I want to know!

Whatever you are doing, stay safe, stay well.


Cap’s Log: 9/17/20

I realize I haven’t posted much, but life has kind of come fast and hard these past few weeks. I interviewed and accepted a remote position for a company working as a tier one technical support agent. My training starts Monday so I have been getting my old job set to leave while also preparing for the new one.

It will probably be a few weeks before life settles and I can continue my hobbies, but I just wanted to let everyone know I am fine (more than fine) and will be back soon.

You can keep up with me on Twitter. Thanks for always being there.


Cap’s Journal

So, writing is something of therapy for me; the way to get lost into a different world, a different idea, a different time. I used to be a pretty active roleplayer in MMO’s and message boards (no…not that kind of roleplay) growing up, and I feel like it really expanded both my writing ability, but also my ability to get out of my own head a bit and explore a different mindset, a different idea.

So why am I talking about this now?

Frankly, because I need to write.

See, life has been a bit crazy for the Cap as of late. Between big IRL projects, trying to get back into the habit of streaming on a more consistent basis, having ideas for content creation, and desperately trying to find a new day job…there’s a lot of stress and anxiety right now (no doubt that is everywhere with how the world is, but I digress). As someone that suffers from severe anxiety (join the club, right?) times like these tend to be even harder to focus and to be able to accomplish what is needed.

Couple this with a few disappointments and rejections job wise, and this has left me in a very dark place.

But…I don’t do dark places. I am the one to pull people out of those places, right?

Right…except when I can’t, because I am in one myself.

As someone that is most definitely a people person, I thrive on helping others. I enjoy it, I’ve always enjoyed it, and I’m told (well, up until recently) by most everyone that I am pretty good at it. I can be empathetic and am just an easy person to talk to, something that I have to use on the daily in my current role, and feel like I will continue to use in whatever new role I (hopefully soon) find.

But how do you do that when you can’t even figure out your own issues?

I don’t know. I find myself these past few weeks in a position I haven’t been in before, and am not sure how to overcome. Tomorrow, I have a very scary appointment for an opportunity that I really want, but I don’t know if I can shake myself out of this in time to fully excel at it, and cross the finish line.

What do you do, dear reader, when all of the lights go out? How do you push through? Because if I am to seize this opportunity, I have to give it my very best, and I’m not sure I can muster that yet.

What do you do when all of the light goes out?

I guess if I were talking to me, I would try and think of something catchy to say, like “Well, maybe you could set everything on fire! That way there will be plenty of light, just have to make your own!”

Make your own light. Be your own light.

Be your own light.

Maybe it really is that simple. Maybe when everything else goes out, you reach as deep as you can go and pull on everything you know, everything you’ve been through, and you let it shine through the cracks and the dark like a beacon being lit.

Maybe I’ll put that on a t-shirt someday.

Regardless, thank you for reading a small blip into my mind. This really wasn’t written for you though, but for me. Because just for a few minutes, I could step out of myself and become someone different, someone that was brave enough to take a piece of themselves and put it down into words, and share it with the faceless masses of the internet. Someone that had enough mindset to really think about what was going on, and understand that sometimes we are just along for the ride in this world, and we’ll go through some dark places.

But in the end, we have to be our own light.

Thanks again for reading. Stay safe, and take care.

New World: Preview


I know I haven’t written in a bit…the real world seems to keep me pretty busy these days, but I have been around and working on some things behind the scenes.

I hope you’ve been well though! Have you done anything exciting? Unlocked anything cool in a game/finished an achievement? Sound off below in the comments and tell me!

After watching several larger streamers play the preview for New World, I decided to break my typical rule on preordering and preorder the game from Steam, getting me into the event. So far, I’ve put around four hours into the game, and my initial thoughts are as follows:

Well, damn.

From everything I was hearing, I was expecting a super bland experience with a game “destined to fail at launch” and yet what I found was surprisingly…fun.

First, I think the games biggest weakness (aside from lacking PvE content) is it’s combat…but I think part of that problem is because there are so few weapons you can select. The game is a lot like Black Desert or TERA where combat is active, and you get three “skills” you can use much like a moba…but you also are able to use three different weapons at the same time. So far, the selection is a few one handed weapons, two handed weapons, a bow and two magic staffs…but the feel of the combat is actually pretty hearty.

This game is being developed by an Amazon studio so obviously they should have some great servers…and I can attest that during my whole time playing there was maybe one or two times I noticed lag…but for the type of combat, that isn’t bad I don’t think.

The crafting system is pretty interesting. It actually works a lot like survival games where you can kind of gather everything (it reminds me a lot of Conan Exiles or ARK) and crafting/resource management is looking like it’s going to be super important. I know originally there was a tagline that you could play as a straight crafter and never do combat…although I don’t know if that’s true anymore.

I haven’t even begun to touch on the whole “political” nature of the game…where groups can take pieces of land, build them up with resources, charge taxes and all sorts of things. I don’t think I can remember an MMO in recent times where there was so much control given to a player group like that, although I did have a small chuckle finding out that my “landlords” in the area I’m in currently are known as the “Ezgirls”.

All in all, I think the important thing is this game has a good foundation to it; the bones are pretty solid, the engine seems to work well, and I think the game is beautiful. There is a scene when you start playing where you go up a hill and when you crest it, the map opens up with the sun shining and just…I have to say, it really kind of took my breath away.

I’m going to be watching this one closely, but I think if Amazon truly uses these nine or so extra months to add the content it will need…I think they may be on to something.

Well, hello there.

Sorry I’ve been radio silent, I think like everywhere, life has been a bit crazy. I’ve been very focused on sending my resume in anywhere that is hiring remotely, but haven’t had much success at all. I know lots of people are looking for work right now, so if you are in this boat, you aren’t alone and I am rooting for you.

Gaming wise, I’ve mostly been invested in World of Warships still, although my “main” MMO has been Albion Online. Something about a giant sandbox to get lost in right now is super appealing, even if I would prefer a “over the shoulder” camera like a more modern day MMO. Still, the content is good…and I think the only game with better sandbox content is also known to be “spreadsheets in space”.

All in all, I’m doing alright. I hope that as summer fades to fall things may start approaching normal. Of course, being a Floridian, that also means getting through hurricane season which is fixing to be in its prime.

I hope to stream on a more consistent schedule soon, and start our Extra-Life fundraising, with a goal of $1,000 this year (if you are a content creator that would be interesting in working together, please let me know and I’d be happy to chat).

Thanks again for keeping up with my little space. I’m looking forward to whatever new adventures may be happening.

Monday Briefing: 7/27/20

Welcome to the Monday briefing!

Here, I’ll briefly go over what happened over the weekend (if anything exciting) as well as what to look forward to during the week.

Over the weekend I picked up a new game I haven’t played in ages: Albion Online. It’s a sandbox MMO with a unique art and camera style. It’s free to play, so if you want to check it out, click the link: https://albiononline.com/?ref=T2QN5CBH9D

Aside from that, I played a bit of World of Warships and watched some Netflix, nothing too crazy. This week will hopefully be fairly quiet; I have a ton of meetings for my day job Tuesday and Thursday (well, continuing education at least), and then my birthday is next week (No NASA, I’m still a Leo, you won’t take that from me)!

What about you, do anything exciting this weekend? Sound off below.


What’s Happenin’, Cap?

Another crazy week has come and gone.

How was it for you? Did you do anything fun and exciting? Did you just lower your head and charge through to get to the end? Is your week just starting? I want to know, sound off below with how it has been for you.

For “what is cap playing” this weekend, I think the biggest focus will be World of Warships. I am hooked and am slowly making my way through the American Battleship line, although I am dabbling in cruisers here and there. If you play, I started a clan called Knights of Conclave. Anyone is welcome of any skill level (and if you haven’t started yet, let me know and I can get you a code for some free stuff).

Nothing really major going on this weekend. Next week, Xbox will be doing its game showcase which I’ll be interested in seeing. The plan is to also stream a bit more then I did this week, hopefully real life will allow it this time.

(By the by, you can find me on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/captain_aegis)

Anyway, sound off below for what you are playing this weekend!

Random Thought Wednesday

So, how is your week going?

Mine has been interesting. My garbage disposal blew up (okay not really but close enough) Monday and about flooded the kitchen, so that needed to be fixed. Yesterday, craziness happened IRL (as it so often does these days) that caused me to postpone my stream another day.

(By the by, if you are reading this, my plan is still to go live around 7:30 P.M. EST today with World of Warships. Come say hello!)

But honestly, the title of this article is “random thought Wednesday” and not “How is Cap Wednesday” so I suppose we should get around to the random thought, right?

Why are space themed MMOs so hard to build?

I mean think about it: you can barely toss a stick without clubbing into five different variations of high fantasy MMOs, yet the only real space MMOs that are around anymore are…Destiny 2 (kind of), EVE Online (meh), and Warframe (doesn’t bill itself as one).

Obviously, I know there are a ton in development, and several of them I am definitely interested in (even Star Citizen, if it ever launches), but why has it taken so long to develop them? Is it because they present the idea of a galaxy worth of exploration, and not easily definable areas like a fantasy universe would be in? Or is the technology needed to create an immersive space experience just not there yet?

Regardless, I am looking forward to the first developer team to get a new space MMO right.

What about you? Do you have any thoughts as to why this type of game is hard to build/maintain? Sound off below, I am interested in your thoughts.

Good Week Vibes

First off, good morning/afternoon/evening, depending on whenever or wherever you read this from.

I’m a big fan of starting weeks off with some motivational words, especially in these times. So, (hopefully) every day, I’ll throw up a post with a couple quotes/movie clips/other idea I find inspiring, in the hopes that it helps someone push through their week.

So, to begin:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A Edison

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

What are some quotes/movie clips/other things that give you inspiration in hard times? Sound off below, I’d love to hear from you.